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Myth, Obelix's pal

Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Astérix
German name : Asterix
Dutch name : Asterix
Spanish name : Astérix
Italian name : Asterix
Portugese name : Astérix


Although he does not have the impressive muscle-bound physique of the heroes Albert Uderzo drew at first, Asterix is the only anti-hero to boast such a collection of success stories and heroic feats.

Throughout his adventures, where his legendary wile and the precious magic potion concocted by the druid Getafix allow him to escape from the direst situations, often covered with glory, Asterix has made off with Caesar's laurel crown, won a gold metal at the Olympic Games (without the benefit of the magic potion, if you please!) and completed with honours the 12 tasks as decreed by Caesar one day when he was foolish enough to risk a bet with our incorrigible Gauls.

Thanks to our hero, the Britons discovered tea and the Belgians were inspired to make French fries! As for the Asterix comic book series, it has been the sensation of the publishing world for over 45 years while the character Asterix has become a mythical figure, a symbol throughout the world for all who resist the influence of Empires trying to impose their will and law on others. René Goscinny explained that his hero's name, with its initial «A», was a clear advantage with regard to alphabetic classification in any future comic book encyclopaedia, but did he ever imagine that his tiny Gaul would also change comic book history?

And what more can be said about the success of Asterix in the film industry? Despite all his success, Asterix has remained down to earth and all he needs to keep him (and his readers) happy is the chance to ridicule the Romans and savour a delicious banquet with his friends.

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