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Bard, school teacher and scapegoat.

Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Assurancetourix
German name : Troubadix
Dutch name : Kakofonix
Spanish name : Asurancetúrix
Italian name : Assurancetourix
Portugese name : Cacofonix


World-renowned poet and bard (if not exactly appreciated…) and respected school teacher, Cacofonix is an important figure in the village (he is thus a member of the Council that sends Asterix into exile in Asterix and the Cauldron). However, as the eternal butt of the villagers’ jokes, Cacofonix lives on the fringe, in a hut built at the top of a tree.

An extraordinary character, Cacofonix offers a perfect weather vane for taking the pulse of the village and seeing which way the wind blows. We are not talking here about the rain he brings on each time exercises his vocal cords, but rather about the prevailing atmosphere in the village: when it is time to party, when wild boar are roasting on the spit, you can be sure to find Cacofonix tied hand and feet with a gag in his mouth. And, if not, you can count on Fulliautomatix to discourage him from singing!

On the other hand, just looking at the unforgettable scene where he sits at a deserted banquet table in Asterix and the Roman Agent is enough to make us understand that the village is experiencing its darkest hours. In fact, sociologists will tell you, Cacofonix is the perfect scapegoat, the person who ensures the well-being of the village by drawing everyone’s anger and frustration like a magnet. Now all that needs to be done is to convince Fulliautomatix …

Here in the village, we are halfway tempted to found a Bard Abuse and Mistreatment group - with an acronym like that (BAM), we're off to a good start, don't you think? It sounds a bit like, well, a hammer, doesn't it?

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