Claudius Omnibus

Citizenship : Roman

French name : Claudius Métrobus
German name : Claudius Metrobus
Dutch name : Claudius Metrobus
Spanish name : Claudius Metrobus
Italian name : Claudius Metrobus
Portugese name : Claudius Metrobus

Claudius Omnibus

Tour Guide for Lutetian Nights

Claudius Omnibus is a guide who receives his clients in a hut resembling a Gaulish Tourist Office. He offers package tours at the unbeatable rate of three sestertii, including all the beer you can drink, where you will discover the lights and delights of nights in Lutetia!

But it will take more than that to distract our heroes from their mission. Scorning these festive propositions, Asterix and Obelix settle for extracting the information that they want from Claudius Omnibus: a dolmen that may be the one used by Navishtrix for his illicit trafficking.

Historians get lost in conjecture about whether it was the woods that later became the Bois de Boulogne. Moreover, it is apparently the only dolmen in all of Lutetia, which doesn't fail to surprise Obelix, who isn't too impressed by the nightlife that Omnibus has to offer.

A few panels later, Asterix and Obelix meet up with a small dog, who takes an interest in our favourite menhir delivery-man. Who knows what could have happened if this Lutetian canine had decided to follow our heroes, in the manner of Dogmatix later on in Asterix and the Banquet?

In which book ?

2 - Asterix and the Golden Sickle