Felix Platypus

Citizenship : Roman

French name : Caius Aérobus
German name : Caius Aerobus
Dutch name : Caius Aerobus
Spanish name : Caius Aerobus
Italian name : Caius Aerobus
Portugese name : Caius Aeróbus

Felix Platypus

Cunning strategist puzzled by the complicated plans of Tortuous Convolvulus

Despite his dislike for the infamous Tortuous Convolvulus, Felix Platypus, the centurion in charge of the Roman camp of Aquarium in Asterix and the Roman Agent, has to bow to Convolvulus’ methods in order to bring the Gaulish village into step. In fact, Platypus wonders about the effectiveness of his acolyte’s crafty stratagems, which he considers as the “devious ways of civilians”, whereas he much prefers the “honourable battles, the clash of arms, the call of the clarion”.

But as his legionaries look favourably on this “psychological warfare” (could this be a forerunner to “surgical strikes”?), which is a particular forte of the brilliant Magnumopus, the shenanigans planned for the Gaulish village also run rampant in the Roman camp, where Felix Platypus has trouble making himself heard.

As Albert Uderzo has given the features of French actor Lino Ventura to Felix Platypus, René Goscinny takes advantage of his repeated angry outbursts to write hilarious, lyrical flights of fancy, as though the perspective of putting words in the mouth of an actor accustomed to the dialogues of Michel Audiard had increased his inspiration tenfold. René Goscinny would later confirm his interest in cinema by writing the screenplay and dialogues for the film “Le Viager”, directed by his friend Pierre Tchernia.

In which book ?

15 - Asterix and the Roman Agent
34 - Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday - The Golden Book