Citizenship : Roman

French name : Savancosinus
German name : Taubenus
Dutch name : Savancosinus
Spanish name : Monosabius


Prize Psychologist

“You have all the necessary qualities to participate in the first offensive of psychological warfare”, claims mischief maker Tortuous Convolvulus. To judge by his “gorilla-like face and tiny pig’s eyes”, as René Goscinny put it, this prediction was far from certain….

But “psychological warfare” as referred to by Tortuous Convolvulus requires first and foremost a powerful man, talented in wielding a club. And that is the one thing in which Magnumopus actually excels!

Oblivious to any military strategy, Magnumopus plows forward, swinging his club and eliminating all adversaries. It’s enough to frighten our Gauls who begin to wonder if the Romans have gotten their hands on the secret magic potion!

In which book ?

15 - Asterix and the Roman Agent